I would be lying if I told you that Jeremy was thrilled about me climbing up this ledge to take this picture, but wasn't it so worth it?! Look at this view! Spending the day on Catalina Island was filled with exciting tours around the island, amazing food and amazing views!

Let me start by saying that this trip was a complete surprise that Jeremy had been planning for weeks! Neither of us had ever been to Catalina Island, and I was beyond excited when we pulled up to the ferry port and I realized what we were doing. I still cant believe we waited so long to explore an island that is literally an hour ferry ride away!

After arriving on the island, we decided to rent a golf cart so that we could see as much of the island as possible in one day. Next time we definitely would love to stay for an entire weekend! There is this cute little hotel with beautiful white shutters located right off the main road that I am dying to stay at next time we visit, called The Pavillion. You can't miss it! It is one of the first places you see after getting off the ferry and has an outdoor patio that makes you want to walk right in and take a seat. Unfortunately, this patio with an ocean view is only for guest as we learned the hard way. The funny thing is, after being politely kicked off the patio, it made me want to stay there even more! I mean, come on, it even has a breakfast room that doubles as a complimentary wine and cheese room in the afternoon! If that doesn't scream bougie, then I don't know what does and I'm totally here for it! The only downside about this hotel, and I do mean the ONLY downside, is that there isn't a pool - but who needs a pool when you have the ocean?!

After we finished renting out our island transportation, we were famished! So, we decided to get a bite to eat before the exploring began. You guys...when you are planning your trip to Catalina Island, make sure you include eating at Maggies Blue Rose Mexican restaurant! It is also located right off the main road near the port and they have the best wet burritos and even better drinks! Just the thing you need to get you ready for a day of sight seeing. Trust me, you'll thank me later!

Speaking of sight seeing...

We spent the rest of our day exploring, sight seeing, taking pictures and jumping walls. Well...we made an attempt at jumping the wall, but didn't quite get over...

Botanical Garden

Restaurant on the Water

Ice Cream

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April 14, 2021

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