There is really nothing like having your very own space to express yourself in. I know I am not the only one who gets excited at the idea of a fresh start. Another chance to find out just home much your design style has evolved and changed over the years. I wouldn't have believed you 10 years ago if you had told me that Ikea isn't the best that it gets. I would have laughed my way all the way to the nearest Ikea to prove you wrong. It blows me away thinking of just how much my perception of what I find beautiful has changed, in what seems to be such a short time. Because, like life, trends will always be ever changing and evolving and thankfully there are enough combinations of styles to keep us busy for the rest of our <"CLEVER SAYING"> days. Who am I kidding? I will be decorating until I cant reach the top shelf at At Home. Why do they always put what I want at the top?!

>Picture at At Home

If your anything like me, home is where you recharge and replenish <WHAT> after being out in the world all day bouncing from one personality to the next. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love connecting with new people everyday and look forward to all the amazing experiences our connections bring us, but I am a homebody at heart. I am most comfortable in my home and therefor cherish my time to recharge, when it feels warm with texture and alive with plants. I love that there is a throw blanket or five in every room of the house and how on almost every surface there is a book filled with things we find beauty or passion in. I

The importance of how you feel in your home and what you associate with it is often not as it should be and overlooked as anything you can take on changing yourself.

The purpose of this blog is to provide those who's recharge station sounds a lot like mine, but don't have the ability to hire on a Home Stylist to guide you through your design project. My hope is that this is just one of many resources available to you and that you can feel confident in creating a space of warmth and coziness!


Over the years I have gradually grown into loving a space that I can feel completely comfortable in. Spaces that are grounded with warm natural elements that get the cozy vibes going full speed.

French County?


Check Julia's video to see what her made up style is.

cozy up in a reading nook vibes thing as me

April 14, 2021

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