Camino Limon

Corona, California

Browsing through the Camino Limon project, you will notice a transitional style with natural element features such as wood, stone and metal accents. Our design priority was to brighten up each space and create a functional and beautiful floor plan that was easy to walk around in. We implemented walk paths throughout the home that allowed for views through the windows and out to the mountains. We did this with strategic furniture placement and focal points. The custom wood floor blend installed throughout the home was an amazing material to be able to work with in every room of this project! The once taupe walls have been painted with a fresh coat of creamy white paint and has really been the "game changer" in the Camino Limon project. Floor to ceiling curtains and material blending techniques implemented in the hand picked pieces of this project have proven to be additional “game changers” in the success of this California home project. Happy viewing!