Phase One, for clients not requiring remodel services, is where we meet for the first time after your design inquiry! During our initial consultation, we discuss scope of work and which design service(s) is the best fit for your unique needs. We will then provide a proposal and contract for review and signing. This phase is also where the style & furnishing plan is developed. This plan includes selecting furnishings, decor, materials, and color scheme. A detailed breakdown of the decorating budget is also provided. At this time we collect a retainer for 50% of the design fee estimate. The rest of the design fee is added to any balance you may have and is divided into installments to be paid monthly. 



Scope Evaluation​





Design Discovery

During the Design Discovery Phase, we begin the planning process with collecting project details such as measurements, focus photos and videos. Once this data is collected and your stylist has finished product sourcing, the style & furnishing plan is presented to the client. This involves a 1-2 hour presentation in the client's home or virtually. After your design plan and furnishing selections are perfect, we will send a separate invoice for furniture and accessories orders. This will begin the ordering process!



Design Plans

Design Plan Presentation​

Entire Look Estimates
Ordering Deposit​

Purchase Agreement



This phase marks home stretch! Once your furnishing invoice is paid in full, we'll begin the ordering process. This phase involves placing and tracking orders; assessing lead times; dealing with any back orders or discontinued items; maintaining trade schedules and updating the budget. Upon arrival, all items will be inspected for damages. Any damaged items will be returned and re-ordered. Once all items have been received, installation day is  scheduled!


Lead Time Assessment​

Budget Review​

Orders Received​

Quality Check



We made it! Yay!!

If Installation is part of your package, then this is the big day where installation, styling, and the project reveal takes place. Following installation completion, the client will receive any special features of an item, warranties and care instructions. Within a 24-48 hour period after the reveal, the designer and the client will have a final walk through where the client is able to point out any deficiencies observed. Any deficiency that is under our realm of responsibility will be addressed within a 14-day period. Any deficiency that falls under a trade responsibility will be directly communicated to that respective trade by the client. A final invoice that covers any outstanding fees from delivery companies, cleaning services, etc. will be presented to client at this walk-through.

Furniture Installation​​



Deficiencies Walk Through​

Resolution of Deficiencies​

Presentation of Client Binder​